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Our Story

When you buy from Blue Label Power, you are purchasing OEM parts and components vetted for executives at fortune 500 companies, administrators at school districts across the country, leaders in Federal, State & Local Governments, and the military. With over 30 years of combined industry experience we have a unique understanding of the markets we serve and the products they demand.

Our Global Reach with Local Feet pays homage to a “farm to market approach” involving every aspect of selecting the manufacturer and distributing the goods we sell. As the world has moved increasingly toward a point and click mentality, we have invested heavily on being a tangible presence in each of our customers’ lives. We know their needs, but we also know the “why” behind their decisions to buy.

Ultimately, we believe the decision to buy is just the beginning point in the relationship with our customers. What’s more consequential to Blue Label Power is how important our customers feel after the sale. And, while issues arise from time to time, how we serve our customers is the biggest differentiator from those we compete against. The guiding principle underpinning our mission is “Treat each person the same way we hope to be treated.”

Our mission statement serves as the blueprint for every decision we make, regardless of the circumstances. At Blue Label Power we foster a culture that values clients beyond the transaction. Whether it’s a simple hassle-free return or a “rush order” to meet an urgent need, each circumstance is an opportunity to communicate how well we know and value you.

Give Blue Label Power the opportunity to demonstrate its unmatched OEM quality, attention to detail, and its unwavering commitment to service. Let us put our words into action in the organization you serve. Come experience the power of Global Reach with Local Feet.

Blue Label Leadership

Chris Bouma

Business Development

Chasing a dream with his wife and 3 little ones. Chris is responsible to make friends and ambassadors of the Blue Label Brand.

Rachel Schmid

Sales & Marketing

A highly valued team member, Rachel keeps everyone moving in the same direction. Her favorite hobbies are hiking with her fiancée and spending time with her friends and family.

Rick Martinez

Technical Support

Rick is a trusted expert with 15+ years of Industry experience. He manages procurement, quality control and technical support. Rick is an integral part of our unwavering commitment to quality.