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Battery Maintainers

Store your car during the winter? Let us help you maintain your battery system with our maintainers. A battery in storage eventually looses its charge. Talk to a Blue Label Power representative to find out which maintainer is the right one for your device’s battery.

Deltran Battery Tender

We’ve sold hundreds, if not thousands of Deltran Battery Tenders over the years. Deltran is the name to trust regarding battery tenders. We offer a full range of different battery tender sizes and ratings, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your car, truck or recreational vehicle.

Battery Minder

BatteryMinder’s charger keeps a full charge without ever overcharging, regardless of how long they are left connected. If you want the longest possible performance from your battery, there is no better solution.

Yuasa Smart Shot

The Yuasa Smart Shot maintainer is one of the leading battery tenders on the market. Offered in a range of charging capacities, Yuasa Smart Shot is the reliable partner to distribute optimum power when you need it.