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Laptop batteries

Ensure that you can work whenever and wherever you like with a replacement laptop battery that provides reliable power when you need it. We have a huge selection of replacement batteries our OEM upgrade to fit nearly every laptop device on the market.

Lithium-ion Laptop batteries

All of our laptop batteries are lithium-ion, meaning that they are rechargeable and will last for years without the need for a replacement. The batteries also retain charge when not in use which makes them perfect for executives who travel regularly.

Laptop Batteries Portability

Laptop replacement batteries are a suitable size for travel. Make sure your executive team always carries a spare battery. Ask our Blue Label Power team what standard or extended range battery is right for your corporate leadership. Because we use battery cells made by Lenovo, Apple, Toshiba, Dell, HP, Panasonic and Sony. Our batteries retain their charge longer than low quality Chinese alternatives offered by many of our competitors.

Laptop Battery Replacement Compatibility

Laptop batteries are designed to be compatible with specific devices. It’s important to remember that not every battery works with every device. Let us help you choose your OEM upgrade for your notebook to ensure compatibility with your device before you buy it. If you are in doubt, speak to your laptop’s manufacturer or a member of our team.