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Lead Acid Battery

Buy the replacement lead acid battery you need with our batteries from Enersys, Yuasa and other leading brands. Durable and with a long shelf life, lead acid batteries provide high performance and reliable source of power for UPS systems, telecommunications, and switchgear.

SLA Battery Durability

The casings of these batteries are flame retardant and support a wide temperature range. Sealed lead acid batteries typically come with a life expectancy of between three and five years, with a shelf life that’s a lot longer.

Yuasa is now Enersys

Yuasa, the world-renowned lead acid battery brand, has rebranded to Enersys. They still produce the same high quality and reliable batteries but now do so under a new name. Enersys batteries are compatible with any device that used Yuasa batteries in the past, so long as they are the same size and voltage.