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  • What are the best methods to extend a laptop's battery life?


    Battery life of a laptop is the most important factor that everyone looks into. Buying online batteries helps you save time, energy and also lets you look into the specifications of the battery. With online batteries quite in-demand, you can get the bestsellers too. Even with that, you have to make sure that you take care of the battery and do not exploit it. Here are some methods by which you can extend the battery life of your laptop:

    • Dim the Screen Light

    One of the most important things that almost go unnoticed is the screen light of the laptop. Usually, everyone leaves it in the brightest level not realizing that it actually drains the battery. With the screen light at its highest, the laptop needs charging often, and this leads to weakening of the battery. When buying online batteries, they will definitely mention not to keep the laptop’s screen at the highest level.

    • Turn off or kill the power draining apps or programs

    Another major factor that drains the battery life is the applications or programs that run in the background.  These programs run on battery and easily kill the battery.  Therefore, it should be made sure that you turn off all the background processes or stop them. Keep a check on the apps or processes that affect your battery.

    • Do not Overcharge the Battery

    Laptop these days have lithium batteries which should not be kept on permanent charging. It not only drains the battery life but can kill the battery and not work ever again.  It is necessary to make sure that you have disabled the limiter and give the laptop a 100% charge and disconnect the charger once the charging is complete.

    • Unplug external devices

    USB drivers, cable, phone connectors are battery eaters, and they drain your battery easily.  Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi, attached iPads or phones, eve...

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  • 5 Reasons to Buy an OEM Projector Lamp

    Reason 1: The OEM Lamp comes with a burner unit made by Matsushita, OSRAM, Philips, Phoenix and Ushio.  These manufacturer's design and engineer the overwhelming majority of lamps for all the widely-known projector manufacturers like Epson, Hitachi, Elmo, InFocus, SMART and more.

    Reason 2: Often times the performance of a compatible lamp may have inferior components.  Many times the cost-savings is outweighed by higher failure rates, dimmer images and shorter life.

    Reason 3:  Your projector lamp is exposed to temperatures nearing 1000 degrees C.  Lamp failures, while uncommon, can damage the internal mechanisms in your projector.

    Reason 4:  The OEM replacement lamp provides the nearest replication of the original color/temperature and image quality of the lamp your projector arrived with.

    Reason 5: The best manufacturer's provide the best warranties. At Blue Label Power we offer an industry-leading 30 Day returns risk-free + 180 Day warranty for manufacturer defects.

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  • 5 Points to Consider When Choosing Lithium-Ion Batteries

    Consideration 1: Ask whether your batteries utilize NEW (not refurbished) cells made by reputable OEM's like LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sanyo. Poorly-made compatibles will cut corners by sourcing lower quality cells manufactured in China (Grade A, B, or C). Our view is this risk is not worth the cost savings!

    Consideration 2: Does your battery come with protection against overheating (fire risk) during charge and discharge cycles? Consult with your vendor today.

    Consideration 3: Computer manufacturer's are constantly changing their system bios for various reasons. If your supplier is not up-to-date the batteries you buy may cause damage to your machine.

    Consideration 4: Consider upgrading with a higher watt-hour (Wh) rated battery.  During testing season your students may need an extended-life battery to complete standardized tests without having to reconnect power supply cords during the test.

    Consideration 5: What warranty does your manufacturer provide? A battery cell not manufactured by one of the trusted OEM's may drastically degrade before the warranty is over!  How easy will it be to process your return with your vendor?

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  • 5 Thoughts on Buying Transceivers

    Consideration 1:  What's the warranty?  All of our transceivers are 100% guaranteed to work with your system with maximum system uptime and come with the manufacturer's Lifetime replacement warranty.

    Consideration 2:  Does your vendor test your transceivers for optimal forward and backward performance across the most recent to oldest system your network employs?

    Consideration 3:  Consider whether the transceivers you need are tested for the brand specific application. Furthermore, are these Hot-Swappable or, will you need to power-down your network components?

    Consideration 4: How safe and reliable is your supplier for your network components?  We only use tier 1 components. Our transceivers are assembled and programmed in the U.S.  This is the best way to ensure the integrity of your network security and performance.

    Consideration 5: Finally, consider the cost savings you can reinvest into other mission-critical areas of your network by buying and implementing Blue Label Power Transceivers in your network.

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  • Not All Battery Adapters are Alike Consider your options!

    Consideration 1:  Safety first - Consider buying a device that carries an industry recognized safety designation like UL, RoHS or CE.

    Consideration 2: What's in a guarantee - Consider the length of time of your warranty AND how easy it is to process your RMA with you Vendor.  At Blue Label Power, We offer  30-day risk-free returns + our 12 month comprehensive Warranty covering manufacturer's defects.

    Consideration 3: Speed matters - Consider upgrading to a higher wattage adapter to reduce the charging time between charge cycles.

    Consideration 4: Adaptable adapters - Consider Intelligent adapters that can work with yourmachine's system bios to recognize when charging.

    Consideration 5: It's What's inside that matters - Consider whether your adapters protect against Voltage Spikes or surges | provide Short-Circuit Protection and/or Over-Heat Protections.


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