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Stacking Modules

When you’ve got a busy office with dozens of computers and dozens of network switches managing hundreds of network connections, stacking modules can help IT departments streamline their network systems, making managing, tracking and updating software easier than ever before.

Single Point Management Stacking Modules

When you have dozens of network switches, managing them can become a headache. Not with stacking modules, though. Our stacking modules allow for all switches to be managed from one device making it easier for IT managers to control and upgrade their network.

Stacking Module Scalability

You may not need all of the capacity our switches offer, but the experienced IT Professional plans ahead for growth both in data use and the number of users on your network. Upgrade your switches with one of our OEM stacking modules. Build a scalable solution that can adapt to the changing environment inside and outside of your business. Ask our sales team how we can plan around your network and your strategy for growth.